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Product Review Policy

At The Pet Boutique we like to have honest reviews from our customers. In order to get these reviews we have a special program put in place to get these honest reviews. Our offer? We will give you the product for FREE plus a $25 coupon voucher to our site. All you have to do is comply with the rules and conditions of this Product Review Policy as listed below. This program begins on December 1st, 2019. First review participant will be selected in April 2020.

Rules and Conditions

In order to be eligible to participate in this program users of this site must comply with the following:

  1. Sign up for our newsletter and remain signed up for the duration of your eligibility to receive an offer to review a product.
  2. Have purchased at least one product from our site and left a review on that product within 30 days of receiving it.
  3. When selected to do a review for us you will be required to submit an authorization form to publish your review on our blog site, and various social networks.
  4. Supply us with information about your pet (so that we can create a list of possible products to review).
  5. Agree to make a security deposit equal to the purchase price of the product. This will be refunded 30 days after your review has been published on our blog.
  6. Agree to review the product for 30 days.
  7. Submit your product review to our support team at
  8. Include at least 4 pictures of your pet interacting with the product you are reviewing. We will also accept in addition to the pictures a short video not longer than 2 and a half minutes (2.5 minutes).
  9. Provide us with a cover photo of you to be included in the published review. We accept head shots only.

What We Will Do

What we promise to do is post your review within 30 days of receiving it without making any changes to the article except to format it on the page. Spelling errors will be corrected automatically by our spell checker. If any part of the review is unclear we will contact you to clarify that part of the review. We may also send you a questionnaire to do a pros and cons list that would be added to the end of your review. We will also add a disclaimer at the end of the post stating that the opinions stated in the review are yours and yours alone. After your post has been online for 30 days we will refund your security deposit on the product and issue you a $25 voucher code that you can apply to your next purchase on The Pet Boutique.

Questions and Answers

  • Why do I have to put a security deposit on the product?
    • We want good and honest reviews. We ask for you for a deposit that is equal to the purchase price of the product (including shipping and taxes if applicable) to guarantee that you will send us a review. It will be returned to you 30 days after we publish your review. Just keep in mind that if you do not submit a review on the product then you have bought it and your deposit will not be returned.
  • Do you accept negative reviews?
    • Absolutely. Getting honest reviews about a product helps us to better serve our customers. Bad reviews combined with bad comments on a product will require us to do an internal product review. This could cause us to drop the product because it is not up to our product standards.
  • Why do I have to subscribe to your newsletter to be eligible to do product reviews?
    • That’s our honest way of getting people to subscribe to our newsletter. It also provides us with a list of people that we can draw from to find reviewers.
  • Do I have to review the product for the full 30 days?
    • Yes. We want a good review and that means that you need a fairly long review period. This will give you a better insight to the product that you are reviewing.
  • Why do you need information about my pet?
    • If we didn’t have information about your pet we would probably send you a product that is not relevant to your pet. For instance, you have a dog and we send you cat toys made of catnip. Pretty sure that your dog would not like to play with the catnip toys.
  • Do I get to choose the product I want to review?
    • Yes. We will send you a list of 8 or 10 possible products that you can review. You can also go to our site and look through our catalog and choose up to 10 products. Then we’ll negotiate to find the perfect product you would like to do a review on.
  • Do I have to remain subscribed to your newsletter to be eligible for these product reviews and free products?
    • Yes. We choose our reviewers from our subscriber list. If you unsubscribe to our mailing list your name is removed automatically from the list. It is also automatically removed from any backups to the list. To get back on the list you will have to subscribe to the list again.
  • How many times will I be offered products to review?
    • We offer a maximum of 5 review opportunities. However, we choose people at random and there is no guarantee that you will be picked again. As long as you remain on our mailing list you may be selected to do a review.
  • If I unsubscribe after doing 5 reviews and then subscribe again will I again be eligible to do reviews?
    • No. We want to be fair to all subscribers. So we maintain a list of subscribers who have done a review. Once you have done 5 reviews you are no longer eligible to participate. However, we really do appreciate the reviews that you did do.
  • I live outside of North America, am I eligible to participate in this program?
    • Yes. We have many suppliers and manufacturers all over the world. I am sure that we can find a product that won’t cost an arm and a leg to be shipped to you. If there are any problems we will discuss it with you to see if you still want to go ahead and do a review.
  • Why do you need pictures of my pet interacting with the product?
    • We want the review to be believable and truthful. People believe reviews that have pictures of the product and animals interacting with the product. Videos have an even bigger impact and we’d like to get both.

If you have any further questions you can send them to our support team at