With the rise of COVID-19 around the world it has become very important to implement advanced safety measures to protect not only ourselves but our customers and their pets. For this reason The Pet Boutique ceased operations for a few months so that we may come up with a comprehensive safety plan to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

As of July 20th of 2020 we have resumed operations with a new COVID-19 Policy in place. This policy required that we establish new warehouse designs so that we can better control the sanitation processes to maintain a safer work environment for our employees and volunteers while we process orders for our customers.

We also now sanitize our products prior to shipping them to the customer as well as when they are received from our suppliers. We also maintain a smaller workforce to maintain a good environment with proper social distancing.

We are currently moving products from our old storage location(s) to our new location(s). As a result our online list of products currently only show approximately 20% or our previous listings. This number will increase over the next few months as we continue to sanitize the products as they are received.

In the event that a member of our team contracts COVID-19 we are in a position to close our warehouse where the COVID-19 virus was detected. A contingency plan has been put in place which allows us to have items shipped from the manufacturer’s shipping facilities that have strict sanitation policies and practices in place.

In addition, to aid in the financial burden that COVID-19 has caused our customers, we have placed all of our stock on sale until the end of 2022. Therefore, beginning January 1, 2023, we will resume our regular operating practices for sales and product coupon codes.


This policy will be updated as required.

Policy established December 1, 2022