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Backorder Policy

The Pet Boutique is a dynamic sales medium that has sales spanning the globe. As a result products can run out faster than our suppliers and manufacturers can supply or produce them or they may only be available as seasonal products. To help alleviate the problem and to guarantee that our customers can acquire products, The Pet Boutique allows products to be backordered. This way customers can reserve a product for a short period of time. The Pet Boutique therefore extends this simple Backorder Policy to all of our customers. The following are the guidelines that we adhere to in offering this Backorder Policy.

  • There is no obligation to order a product that is marked as “available on backorder.”
  • Sometimes when a customer orders a product that is marked as “in stock” our warehouse or supplier may have actually ran out of stock by the time it has been order by the customer. This happens because orders get processed in a first-in first out fashion. For example, when the customer ordered the product on The Pet Boutique Website there may have been 10 items in stock. At the same time 12 other customers ordered the product at the same time. When each person pays for the product the payment gateway (PayPal) processes your payment, gets a confirmation from your credit card company or bank, records the payment, sends confirmation of payment received back to us, then returns you to our site. When we receive each confirmation the stock is reduced as they come in. Yours might come in in the 11th or 12th place. By that time our stock records are at 0 and the item is placed on backorder status.
  • What happens when an item is switched over to “Backorder” status when your payment is completed? Within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) of completing your order you will be notified by email that the item is on backorder. If this happens on a weekend or a holiday you will be notified within next two business days.
  • There is no obligation for you to remain on the backorder waiting list. If you would rather have a refund and cancel your order just contact us at We will process your request by the end of the next business day.
  • For customers that do remain on the waiting list we set a maximum amount of time that you can remain on the waiting list. For customers who unfortunately end up on the waiting list because the item went out of stock during the purchasing process we allow a waiting period of 45 days. At the end of 45 days we will email you asking if you would like to cancel your order or continue to wait for another 15 days. If the item is still not in stock we will automatically process a refund and cancel your order.
  • Customers who purchase a product that is already on backorder can remain on the list for 60 days from the date that they place their order. They can at the end of the 60 days ask to remain on the list for another 20 days. At the end of the extension, if the item is still on backorder, we will automatically cancel the order and refund the amount paid.
  • Can you re-order the item after receiving your refund? Yes, but only 24 hours after your refund has been processed. All our customers have the final decision as to whether they want to order a product that is on backorder or not.
  • How long does it usually take for a product to come back in stock? That depends entirely on how many have backorder the item. This not only means how many customers are waiting for the product on our site but also on other sites that are supplied by the same supplier. Suppliers will divide stock among all the merchants that they supply and if there are a lot of merchants the supplier may run out of stock again.

Experience has indicated to us that in most cases customers will receive a backordered product within 30 days of their purchase. In very few instances do customers wait longer than 30 days. Longer waiting periods usually occur during the holiday seasons like Christmas and National holidays. There is no obligation for any customer to remain on these waiting lists. If after waiting 10 or 15 days you decide you want to cancel your order you can do so by contacting us at If you have any questions you can email them to our support email and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Policy Updated October 29, 2019.